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We are a family based dental clinic offering a broad range of dental services, including esthetic treatments, to all age groups.  Conveniently located in downtown Caledonia, the practice was established in 1983 and has offered outstanding dental care to those of Caledonia, Hagersville, Cayuga, Brantford, Hamilton, Mount Hope, Dunnville, Ancaster and the surrounding areas.  All of the staff at the Caledonia Family Dental Clinic are proud to offer the best possible dental service in a caring and safe environment, providing our patients with friendly, individualized, well informed and confidential treatment. We have specific staff members dedicated to help you understand your treatments, sequence your dental appointments, make financial arrangements and understand your personal insurance plans.  
With our committment to offering up-to-date advanced dental care, we maintain regular continuing education, update ourselves on the latest developments in dentistry and utilize state of the art technology. Our staff is pleased to offer exceptional service, so please come by and visit - we look forward to welcoming you and your family into our practice!

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Amalgam-Free (Mercury Free) FillingsIf you’re one of the many patients who prefer white fillings or mercury-free fillings, you’ll be happy to know that any of our doctors can accommodate your request. We can improve your your smile by filling areas of decay (cavities) or repairing or replacing your old fillings with both amalgam-free or amalgam materials- it's your decision! Amalgam-free options are available for many dental procedures, including fillings and crowns. And should you need more involved treatments like root canal therapy or tooth...

Bonded White FillingsBonded Fillings = Whie = Natural Looking or Tooth-Colored Composite RestorationsIf the thought of unsightly metal fillings leaves you less than thrilled, you’ll be happy to know that dental science has made many advances since metal fillings were invented!  Today, if you need a cavity filled, we can use a strong composite resin that looks much more natural and is much less noticeable than a metal filling.  Composite fillings only take a single appointment to apply—which means you save time while improving the health of your...

BridgesNamed for the way that they “bridge” the gaps between teeth lost to trauma or decay, bridges restore your smile’s health and beauty by placing durable artificial teeth where your natural teeth are missing. If your missing teeth make you feel self-conscious, or you’re noticing problems with speaking, chewing, or other everyday tasks, ask Carolyn Tuffner Lolli if a bridge may be right for you. Created and only able to be removed by your dentist, bridges offer a comfortable, semi-permanent option that can enhance your smile and improve the...

CrownsCrowns, or dental caps, are used for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Crowns can help enhance the visual appearance of discolored, chipped or otherwise traumatized teeth, and can also be used to rebuild teeth that have suffered decay, cracks, breaks, or other issues that have caused them to lose strength.Unlike composite fillings, dental inlays, or dental onlays—which fill or cover only a portion of a tooth-- a crown is a type of dental restoration intended to cover the entire tooth from the gum line up.  Cemented onto your...

Digital X-raysDigital X-rays are a form of imaging where sensors are placed in your mouth to capture an image.  Within seconds, the images appear on a screen and can be enlarged to show patients exactly what the images show. Dental radiographs are a necessary part of optimal dental care, as they allow practitioners to be able to see and interpret signs of disease or potential problems that are not visible by direct clinical examinations. A main advantage to this type of imaging is that it can use upto 70% less radiation exposure for our...

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